Various environmental initiatives that are being implemented at the House of Worship contribute towards the preservation of Biodiversity, conservation of resources, and use of renewable energy. Many of these initiatives have been carried out in collaboration with others, such as local communities and governmental and non – governmental organizations.

At the Baha’i House of Worship, access to water for the gardens was a challenge and therefore, as a first step, facilities that would harvest rainwater were installed. Following this, a sewage treatment facility was constructed to treat municipal wastewater, which would have otherwise contributed to polluting waterways. These initiatives have provided an abundance of water resulting in lush green gardens. There also exists a vermicomposting system. Here, garden waste, (primarily grass clippings) is piled in rows and covered with a fibre sheet. The rows are seeded with worms and kept moist. Over time, the worms multiply and convert the garden waste into nutrient rich compost that can then be returned to the garden as fertilizer.

Later solar panels were installed to supplement power supply, and this undertaking has resulted in a 45 percent reduction in electricity expenses.