It is an immense privilege to serve at the House of Worship as the beloved Master says, it is “the lodestone of divine confirmations”. He says that “the House of Worship hath a powerful influence on every phase of life…”  The friends have the privilege to offer prayers at the Temple before they start their daily work. As the volunteers are from all over India and various other countries, they get ample opportunities to learn new language, skills, qualities, culture, and many other abilities from other believers.

After a tiring day of work,  the friends have the wonderful opportunity for love and fellowship with his fellow volunteers in the early evening hours and later of course at the dining table.

The rules of the House of Worship allow a weekly day off when the volunteers go out and visit various scenic attractions of New Delhi. The friends also get reasonable recreation time to relax that enables them to rejuvenate their zeal and energy to serve better. Nutritious food and modest accommodation are provided to the volunteers within the premises of House of Worship to make them feel comfortable and serve with undiminished enthusiasm and vigour.

The friends also have the opportunity to participate in the weekly study classes to enrich their spiritual insight, knowledge and understanding about the Faith. Even periodically, they get the opportunity to participate in the activities of local Bahá’í community.

These interesting and diverse elements of their service at the House of Worship certainly leaves an indelible imprint in their hearts and their experience become truly endearing and unforgettable in their life.  When the friends return home after completing their service at the Temple, they are able to live a modest life and continue to serve with the help of the skills and capacities acquired during their service at the House of Worship.