The nature of the service at the House of Worship is a unique experience.  Areas open for service includes service as a Volunteer guide, and for those who have an interest or have experiences in Maintenance of garden, Care and maintenance, Kitchen, Security & other. Please find below an outline of each area of service

Please find below an outline of each area of service.

Serving as a Temple Guide

As temple guides you will welcome the visitors to enjoy the tranquillity of the House of Worship and to pray and meditate silently inside the prayer hall.  As visiting the House of Worship is a unique and moving experience, volunteers at the exit will be faced with many questions. It is essential that we conscientiously and earnestly attend to the visitors as they exit the Prayer Hall, briefly provide information and encourage those who are interested to visit the Information Centre, where they can learn about the Bahá’í Faith and the House of Worship in greater detail.

Information Technology Service Department

Have a proficiency in Information Technology in both software development and maintenance of hardware including the ability to assist in net connectivity and troubleshooting, maintaining software for various needs of the House of Worship.

Kitchens Department

Those who volunteer to serve in the kitchen department would be responsible to plan and prepare meals and refreshments for the volunteers, maintaining the kitchen work areas and equipment and utensils in a clean and orderly condition.  

Gardens Department​

Responsible and helps to maintain cleanliness and the pristine beauty of the gardens and preserve and care for the nature of surrounding the Bahá’í House of Worship. A variety of skills are required to accomplish this including Horticulture management, pest management, interior plant care, nursery operations, grass cutting, weeding, trimming of plants, watering, planting flowers, etc. and working shoulder to shoulder with the gardeners and assist them in the path of service.

Cleaning and Maintenance Department

The care and maintenance of the Temple and its ancillary structures is of utmost importance as it the first visible physical structure of kingdom of God on earth. Those who wish to serve in this department would assist to maintain the cleanliness and beauty of the Baha’i House of Worship premises and this would include Temple prayer hall, hallways, Information Centre and other rooms. 

Security Department

The Security personnel are the first contact with the visitors. Assisting with the security needs of the House of Worship differs from the way it is perceived in the society at large and the underlying principle of “the nobility of each soul” have to be demonstrated through their behaviour, action and speech during their interactions with the public.   Their duties will include being assigned to a particular post on the property and guiding the public and ensuring that the public remains within appropriate boundaries, managing large crowds during public holidays. 

Due to the nature of service at the Bahá’í House of Worship in India, the essential requirements include:

• An ability to offer a minimum of 3 months for short term volunteers with a possibility to extend if necessary.

Have experience in any of above mentioned areas of service will be advantageous as particular skills and abilities of individuals are essential to its effective functioning as they perform shoulder to shoulder with the workforce.

• Be in good health and able to work for long hours

• Must be at least 17 years of age at the time of service.

Those who are interested may apply and write to or